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ACF can offer a range of different funding solutions to meet your business needs.

Equity Solutions

Equity solutions can range from private equity, venture capital, business angel and property financing.

Asset Finance

Asset Finance is a facility that allows you to purchase equipment and assets for your business – anything from or purchasing or renewing your fleet of vehicles through to investing in new plant and machinery. You may simply want to refinance existing assets.


Hire Purchase

This is the most traditional form of asset finance when you want to own the asset outright. The finance can be structured to suit your company’s cashflow and you can introduce a residual payment to lower your monthly repayments.



Leasing is different to Hire Purchase in that ownership never passes to the named customer/hirer. In effect the finance company owns the asset and rents it to you over an agreed period of time. At the end of the agreement, you have the option to retain the use of the asset by means of a Secondary Period Rental, sell the goods to a third party or return the assets to the finance company.


Refinance of Existing Assets

It is useful and common for a business to refinance existing assets, where there is ample equity, in order to obtain an injection of cash into the business for any reason.

Commercial Loans

Secured or Unsecured term loans to assist the business with short- or longer-term funding.

The Recovery Loan Scheme is still available until June 2022. This is aimed at offering support to businesses as they grow and recover from the disruption of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Equity solutions
Asset finance
Foreign Exchange

Allowing you access to be able to navigate the markets and achieve the best available and exchange rates through the use of cutting-edge technology. Clients will require this for various reasons such as purchasing property abroad, trading on a global supply chain or expanding your business internationally.

Property Finance

Bridging Loans

A short-term facility designed to allow you to purchase a property for the purposes of conducting improvement works (light or hard refurbishment). There must be a clear exit such as a sale or conversion to long term debt for any lender.


Property Hunting Fund

A pre-agreed funding line secured against unencumbered property or a portfolio of properties. Mainly geared towards experienced property developers and landlords. This facility will allow you to use the drawdown to assist in the purchase or new or additional properties. Ideally suited to helping you grow your investment portfolio.


Development Finance

A facility that will provide funding to purchase land and/or buildings that you are looking to convert or build new out of the ground. This is a short- to medium-term facility and would require a clear exit route for the lender such as the sale or conversion to a longer term debt facility.


Residential Investment/Buy to Let

A facility to allow you to purchase single or multiple properties and build an investment portfolio.


Commercial Investment

A long-term loan to allow you to purchase a commercial property either for your own use or as a long-term investment.

Working Capital Solutions

There are a variety of working capital funding solutions available that can help your business. Clients will use these types of facilities for various purposes, such as working capital, to improve cashflow, expansion or funding a new contract.


Asset Based Lending (ABL)

A line of credit that will allow you to utilise the assets on your Balance Sheet as a means of security.


Invoice Discounting

Leveraging the value in your sales ledger and using it as collateral to gain access to working capital.


Trade Facility

A smart solution to support your company’s working capital. Trade Finance is a simple way to bridge the financial gap between paying costs for the supplies that you need and being paid by your customers. This is usually in the form of a revolving line of credit for a maximum of up to 120 days.

Altruistic Commercial Finance is entered on the Financial Services Register  under reference 951800

Foreign exchange
Working capital

Why choose us

ACF is a boutique consultancy that provides business funding solutions. We work in an “altruistic” way with all our clients and introducers of business.

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